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Cold Storage and Warehousing is the process by which we store temperature critical goods in purpose-built warehouses, set to exact temperatures in all areas, to maintain the viability of your goods, and prevent spoilage.

Cold storage is a critical component in the supply chain of many industries, including pharmaceuticals, petro-chemicals and even some high-tech electronics, but in particular the agriculture and catering industries, where a small fluctuation in temperature could cause widespread public health issues, and financial liability, leading to prosecution and cessation of business.



  • Storage solutions that are safe, energy conscious, economical, and compliant with regulations and international quality control criteria.
  • Frozen, Refrigerated and Dry Warehousing at -26, -18, Ambient, +5 and +20 degrees; tailored to Clients’ specific requirements.
  • Value-added services including wrapping, palletization, labeling, tagging, and picking per case.


Our Clients can also benefit from a wide range of supply chain and value-added services, which complement or are independent to cold storage needs; including importing assistance, clearance and transport, distribution, dry and ambient storage.  If you are interested in helping your company succeed with reliable, cost-effective storage and warehousing, click here to contact us directly.

Clients Partnerships

Over the last 3 decades, StorKom has developed unrivalled relationships to smoothly handle the efficient clearance and transportation of goods throughout the region, taking care of the documentation, regulations and requirements of international logistics. Our experience and knowledge ensures maximum throughput and the reduction of lead times and bottlenecks that threaten the integrity of time-sensitive products.

Our exclusive, long-term and large-scale partners are able to take advantage of these additional in-house and external solutions to address their specific requirements, with special rates, elevated customer support, customized value-added services and extended access to our network of relationships.

The exclusive service offering is made up of two categories; Supply Chain Services, and Value-Added Services.

Supply Chain Services:

Supply Chain Services:

  • Importing and Exporting Assistance
    Guidance on the documents required and the regulations for your country of import and/or export.
  • Clearance and Transport
    Document support at port to expedite the clearance and transportation of goods.
  • Distribution
    Reliable, efficient distribution of your goods from the warehouse.
  • Dry Storage
    The storage of products not requiring a climate-controlled environment.
  • Ambient Storage
    The storage of products, which require a constant and controlled ambient temperature.

Value-Added Services:


  • Wrapping
    Clearly group, protect, and segment your goods for transport.
  • Palletization
    Palletization makes goods secure, accessible, and easily transportable.
  • Labeling
    Eradicate routing errors with clear and up-to-date labeling.
  • Tagging
    Easily track the location and progress of your pallets with digital tagging.
  • Picking Per Case
    Respond quickly to customer orders and requests.

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